Solution Gallery

FlexiCore provides a set of existing easily extensible field-proven plugins for many domain specific applications.

what is FlexiCore's Solution Gallery?

FlexiCore Solution Gallery is a rich set of existing plugins for any solution.  

Why use FlexiCore's Solution Gallery?

Flexicore offers a set of extensible and, field-tested plug-ins, covering industry-specific concerns and tasks which, significantly shortens development time.


FlexiCore allows extending and customizing the existing behavior of solutions provided in the solution gallery by providing extensible services and domain models. 

Extending plugins is carried out by inheriting new model entities for the provided plugin ones. This is a normal Object-Oriented procedure applied when required.
Regarding services, the provided services in the service plugin may be injected into the new service plugins that may extend the business workflows and the APIs. Existing services generically support the new model entities if these extend the original model ones.
When preferred, extending the existing domain model can be implemented through FlexiCore dynamic schema support. Thus, new properties including complex objects can be added to an existing entity.

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