Product Service

The Product service plugin set provides the domain model, APIs for Products, Products Types, Equipment, Manufacturer, status, etc.

The Equipment entity has the required support for locating an instance on a map, floor plan, and 3D model of a floor.

Support for tracking the history of status and location of an Equipment instance is provided.

Map support includes support forĀ Geohashs, lon, lat, and address-based location information using the territories plugin-set.

The plugin set included extensive invokers support allowing seamless interaction with FleixCore generic UI components such as tree, grid, and dashboard.

Provided Components

  • product-model.jar
  • product-service.jar


  • organization-model.jar
  • organization-service.jar
  • flexicore-territories-model.jar
  • flexicore-territories-service.jar
  • flexicore-iot-model.jar
  • flexicore-iot-service.jar
  • flexicore-sync-model.jar
  • flexicore-sync-service.jar

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