Internet Of Things Systems (IoT) are used to control and manage a very large number of remote units and sensors while collecting their data.  Such units may be working with unreliable network connections. FlexiCore provides out of the box support for IoT through an easy to use and reliable and messaging framework that is well suited for data synchronization. When used with data synchronization, data transfer is reliable, persistent, and transactional.

What is IOT?

IOT(Internet of Things) is a term usually used to describe a system with a large number of sensors in remote locations.

Why use IOT?

Current technologies provide easy to use, inexpensive ways to control, view, and use the data sensors provide at manufacturing, industry, and home. Preventive maintenance can be applied, better utilization of energy and resources can be achieved while providing insight into patterns using big data analysis.

IoT With FlexiCore

FlexiCore patented IoT technology allows easy and fast development of IoT systems by providing out of the box tools to synchronize data between cloud and edge endpoints. The synchronization is bi-directional and generic. Developers simply need to designate objects and their destination and FlexiCore will take care of the rest.

The framework provides support for health monitoring that is fully extensible by plugins.

IoT Gateways With FlexiCore

FlexiCore is designed to run on the edge.  Mostly, the edge device running FlexiCore acts as a gateway to sensors or devices having no access to wide-area communication. Gateways deployment relies on FlexiCore built-in support for distributed systems. By definition, gateway data and gateway destined updates are reliable and persistent, when communication is unavailable, data will be synchronized later, by priority and bandwidth limitations.

FlexiCore existing plugins, support common properties for equipment, sensors,  status changes IoT systems require. Using Flexicore’s plug-ins, developers may easily add new devices of existing types, extend devices of existing types, or create their existing types from scratch.

State, health, and messages are generically synchronized across the network in a transactionally safe, and efficient manner.

Integration of IoT sensors and devices With FlexiCore

When a new device, sensor, or remote server needs to be integrated, the plugin system is very instrumental. Usually, such new plugin classes can extend an existing one or extend the Equipment entity directly. 

However, implementors can choose to bypass ready-made Flexicore entities and define their own.

The defined plugins set are usually updated over the air into Flexicore based gateways while stored also at the cloud, thus new model entities and properties are available where needed. FlexiCore synchronization services need no change in configuration or model to transparently support a new integration.

Using FlexiCore extensive support for generic User Interface and data-aware widgets provides a clean and automated user interface when new devices and sensors are added.


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