Why FlexiCore?

FlexiCore makes Spring development more productive and modular in both microservice and non-microservice environments.  FlexiCore multi-tenancy access control makes Spring-based applications more secure. FlexiCore offers out-of-the-box domain-specific solutions ready for use and extension.

The new FlexiCore boot (Version 5.0)  now supports all of the exciting FlexiCore features on an existing Spring Boot application. Add FlexiCore features only when you need them. 

Flexicore Cuts Costs

Development teams become more efficient when development and deployment are fully modular.  FlexiCore modularity expands across all development areas including API, domain model, and business services. 


Flexicore is Extensible

FlexiCore plugins are designed for modularity and extensibility.  As plugins can be injected into other plugins and provide them with services, changes are kept within controlled boundaries.

Domain models built in Flexicore can be extended to override existing entities and support new properties.

FlexiCore is Productive

FlexiCore development is productive as multiple development tasks can run in parallel using independent development teams.

Dependent plugins can be extended without requesting changes from the plugin’s owners.

Existing plugins provided by Wizzdi or community available plugins cut development and issues fixing time.


FlexiCore is Scalable

FlexiCore unique symmetrical synchronization provides a reliable and transactional synchronization of database nodes across a large number of servers or IoT gateways.

Nodes can contain a full replica or a subset of the data.

FlexiCore based systems utilizing synchronization, are scalable and resilient as the same data resides on multiple nodes.

FlexiCore runs Everywhere

Flexicore is compatible with most distributions of Linux, Windows 7 onward, and OS X.

FlexiCore can run on a range of devices spanning from a small, 1GB of RAM (Linux, headless) device to a large server farm serving millions of users.

FlexiCore is Secure and Safe

FlexiCore data access system is designed to comply with the strictest security concerns including GDPR requirements. 

FlexiCore is Field Proven

FlexiCore based systems serve millions of users around the world and have been doing so for the last five years in production environments.

FlexiCore Enables Longetivity

FlexiCore makes keeping up with real-world requirements easy thanks to its state of the art plugin system that enables longer life of any software system.

FlexiCore Foundations

  • A breakthrough in modularity through inter-injected plugins covering the full spectrum of services and entities’ definitions every Spring application requires.
  • State of the art hierarchical multi-tenancy access control system to operations and data.
  • Administrator defined auditing on operations.
  • A unique database scale-out system designed to work with millions of database nodes. 
  • Easily extendable, off the shelf existing plugins covering a multitude of application domains.
  • Set of technologies and services designed to create adaptable user interfaces so new plugins and even new application domains can be used without client-side changes.