What is FlexiCore

FlexiCore is a Java framework that extends Spring Boot in many new and exciting ways, FlexiCore has been in production for years, and was recently made open-source.

With FlexiCore the entire Spring project you develop is built from inter-injectable run-time deployed plugins.

Flexicore rich, extensible, reusable and tested plugins library dramatically cuts development time. Available plugins cover dozens of different application domains.

With the new FlexiCore Boot, you can enjoy FlexiCore features with existing Spring Boot applications, start by adding support for inter-injectable plugins that are very easy to develop, and add, if required, first-class access control with multi-tenancy, add plugin-created entities, as well as plugins’ created REST endpoints.

With FlexiCore Automatic UI support, End users can create endless data-aware User Interface alternatives. 

It has been shown that in some cases up to eighty percent of the UI development time is cut by using FlexiCore supported UI. 
The upcoming new version of FlexiCore aware, Angular 11 Typescript components boosts client-side development and gives FlexiCore UI application generator capabilities. Use the new component to create an infinite number of data-aware dashboards, views, and forms. These elements are created by end-users inside a generic user interface you develop. The new library will include among other tools, dashboards, data grids, trees, and a flowchart-based business rule engine.

Spring is the world’s most popular Java back-end framework.

FlexiCore and Spring boot development

With Flexicore, developers keep using the same programming and testing paradigms.

With FlexiCore Boot, all of the FlexiCore features can be added to an existing Spring Boot applications

Flexicore Cuts Costs

Development teams become more efficient when development and deployment are fully modular.  FlexiCore modularity expands across all development areas including API, domain model, and business services. 


Flexicore is Extensible

FlexiCore plugins are designed for modularity and extensibility.  As plugins can be injected into other plugins and provide them with services, changes are kept within controlled boundaries.

Domain models built in Flexicore can be extended to override existing entities and support new properties.

FlexiCore is Productive

FlexiCore development is productive as multiple development tasks can run in parallel using independent development teams.

Dependent plugins can be extended without requesting changes from the plugin’s owners.

Existing plugins provided by Wizzdi or community available plugins cut development and issues fixing time.


FlexiCore is Scalable

FlexiCore unique symmetrical synchronization provides a reliable and transactional synchronization of database nodes across a large number of servers or IoT gateways.

Nodes can contain a full replica or a subset of the data.

FlexiCore based systems utilizing synchronization, are scalable and resilient as the same data resides on multiple nodes.

We moved from our Monolithic Spring system to a modularized Spring-FlexiCore system that enables faster customer targeted feature delivery ”


FlexiCore's Dynamic UI and Dynamic Invokers allow us to integrate with external services with zero front-end development time.


Our FlexiCore based cloud is serving hundreds of thousands of customers per day with high availability and reliability ”


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